Kenyatta University

MBA, Strategic Management, HR option

2018 – ongoing

Institute of Human Resource Management

Higher National Diploma -Human Resources Management

2011 – 2011

Kenyatta University

B. Ed (Arts) – German and Secretarial Studies

2003 – 2006


  1. Ability to make decision & justify with thorough prior consultation.
  2. Organizational capacity assessment.
  3. Ability to identify skill gaps and prepare training content relevant to upskill. This is both on the job and off the job training.
  4. Change management
  5. Culture embedment
  6. Empathic skills – Ability to appreciate where employee grievances emanate from, engage employees to ensure that they understand its relevance to the policies and procedures at hand before taking the next step.
  7. HR Policy review and development
  8. Finance skills – Ability to match empathy with business sense and therefore not always seeking avenues on how to spend cash e.g. ensuring the organization is registered with NITA so that all training costs get reimbursed (whether partly or the whole).
  9. Organizational skills.
  10. Business management skills – Ability to appreciate where the HR function falls in the entire picture of the business model and ensure that it presents a relevant voice at all levels of the organization.
  11. Leadership skills – Not only am I a team leader but also a team player.
  12. Good planner – ensure that activities and actions are as per the calendar (business calendar or HR calendar) and I am time conscious as well.
  13. Flexible & adaptive to the changing business situations and contexts i.e. progressive.
  14. Knowledge of best and current HR and Operations/Administrative practices and approaches
  15. Broad knowledge and experience in leading practices in organization development, compensation, talent management and development and employee relations
  16. Knowledge of the Kenyan Labor Laws
  17. Ability to develop pragmatic human resource strategies
  18. Strategic thinking
  19. Strong business acumen
  20. Leadership skills
  21. People management skills
  22. Conflict resolution skills
  23. Budget preparation skills
  24. Negotiation skills
  25. Attention to detail
  26. Customer service skills
  27. Planning and organizing skills
  28. Ability to coach and mentor
  29. Communication skills including facilitation and presentation skills
  30. Ethical approach to HR related matters be it staff or the upward levels of authority.
  31. Highly organized & ensures all matters are brought to a close or best possible close situation available.
  32. I work well with little or no supervision
  33. I am highly trained Trainer of Trainers and also a teacher by training.
  34. I am also a trained counsellor.
  35. Communication is a top priority without which failure is guaranteed.


  • Completed all training within calendar timelines
  • Updated both client and reporting manager for all projects on time and in full
  • Updated training content material and structure to align with non-face-to-face training.
  • Continuous improvement of virtual training content.
  • Successful onboarding of 5 clients on virtual training within 6 months i.e. March to September 2020
  • Upsold at least 2 more products after end of training contract to each client.
  • Designed ‘fit to measure’ training material for clients.
  • 90% satisfaction rating by clients on respective trainings conducted.
  • Successfully ‘Up-sold’ company services to current clients leading to successful referral to other clients.

HR Manager

Umoja Rubber Products Ltd

Manufacturer of large variety of footwear from shoes, sandals, boots, school shoes & flip
flops for men, women & kids.

  • Successful companywide roll out and implementation of the R & R (Recognition &
  • Reward) program.Successful set up of the HR department and structure.
  • Designed and implemented a training calendar utilising NITA where applicable.
  • Designed and rolled out of HR Handbook and Code of conduct
  • Weekly reporting of strategic HRmatters via the HR dashboard
  • 6Trained all managers on labour laws; specifically, grievance & disciplinary handling & subsequently implemented grievance escalation policy
  • Successfully trained all managers on recruitment, staff selection & implemented
  • agreed changes in the Company’s recruitment strategy.
  • Successfully trained all managers on goal setting and performance management for
  • self and their respective teams.
  • Successfully recruited and set up a functional HR team in 6 months.
  • Introduced a new system of filing & retrieval system of HR records.
  • Successfully designed, negotiated and rolled out labour outsourcing contract with Vinsan Consulting.

Junior Trainer & Customer Care Executive

International Talent Management Company

  • 100% alignment of senior trainer schedules with client schedules to ensure world class service delivery.
  • Maintained and updated all databases in a timely fashioned.
  • Upskilled on research methods that enabled the orgainsation gained an edge over its competitors.
  • Enabled clients review their employee related policies especially onboarding and exits.
  • Trained fellow trainers on how to prepare schemes of work to enable a comprehensive yet engaging training session.
  • Sampled new training materials and techniques on interns and peers to gain objective feedback on improvement prior roll out in a timely fashion.
  • Improved networking skills following consultations with peer and senior colleagues in the industry.

HR Officer

Kaluworks Ltd

Predominantly a Cookware Manufacturer with an Aluminium Rolled Products section

  • Nil overlapping of staff contracts
  • 70% reduction of lost man-hours,
  • 40% savings on medical premiums by making it a requirement that all dependentsns should have legally certified supporting documents.
  • 30% savings on the canteen budget by ensuring that the ingredients on the diet are grown in the company farm.
  • Default secretary of all union meetings.
  • Successfully designed a performance management database with the internal IT team.

HR & Admin Manager

September 2015 to April 2017

Symbion Mombasa Ltd

A leading multi-national architectural firm operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Symbion
Mombasa is part of the Symbion Group.

  • Lead contributor in the review and update of the HR manual
  • Performance management champion & encouraged employees have open discussions with their line managers on performance management i.e objective setting, objective monitoring, amendment and appraisals as well.
  • Reviewed all service and administration contracts and included Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defining acceptable service levels and penalties thereof for nonadherence.
  • Innovatively recruited competitive staff via LinkedIn and attendance of functions related to architecture and construction.
  • Successfully introduced and implemented flexi-time.
  • Reviewed all staff separations with the Company lawyers to avoid litigations and/or disputes. Nil dispute to date.
  • Successfully recruited and trained my successor who is the incumbent.

Various roles combined.

June 2011-Sept.
Records Manager (East and Central Africa)

July 2009 to May 2011 Payroll Executive

May 2008 to May 2011 HR Assistant

Oct. 2007 to May 2008 IT Administrative Assistant

British American Tobacco (K) Ltd

A Kenya-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and tobacco
whose parent company is BAT Group on the UK.

  • Successfully prepared all litigation documents for labour disputes against the Company.
  • Successfully implemented the benefits indicated in the registered and signed off Collective Bargaining Agreement for the staff union.
  • Attended court sessions on behalf of the company either as a witness or to take notes for review with the Legal team.
  • Negotiated with medical insurer (Resolution Health) to allow members to upgrade their medical cover over and above what the company offers.
  • Reviewed, updated & successfully negotiated all 3rd party contracts under my docket at all positions e.g. Records Management Services with G4S Kenya, Archiving services
    for BAT Uganda with Aramex, Telkom Kenya with BAT Kenya & renegotiated late payments and penalties related, successfully drafter the HR Self Service database
    creation contract, Deloitte for payroll services etc.
  • Provided various training as required e.g. understanding your payslip, records management, induction, leave management, HR policies & procedures.
  • Reviewed the performance of all end market coordinators alongside their respective managers in the Records Management program.
  • Set up and successfully managed the IT license calendar that enabled the department to budget and monitor companywide licenses leading to nil downtime.
  • Successfully onboarded DRC market onto Deloitte payroll contract.
  • Successfully participated in salary surveys with survey houses e.g. Birches & Hays alongside our competition for talent.
  • Amongst others.

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